Material Introduction
Sufoner® PPS is a high performance thermoplastic with excellent mechanical strength and excellent chemical and heat resistance.
 Sufoner® PPS5300 is based on PPS and is filled with other special materials for filling and blending. The composite modification and post-treatment process can effectively reduce the burr problem and post-shrinkage problem during punching.
This material is ideal for the semiconductor manufacturing industry to meet the requirements of precision microvia processing and to replace PEEK in a variety of applications, reducing production costs.
Antistatic grade Sufoner® PPS 5800ESD is based on PPS. It is added with special additives such as special inorganic powders and additives to form antistatic effect by copolymerization. The antistatic is durable and stable. The surface resistance is 10^8- 10^10).
main feature:
1. Adopting the latest exclusive anti-static method in the world to solve the anti-static defects on the market (such as black, powder, carbon powder, easy to push, local electric breakdown, unstable antistatic index, high cost, etc.).
2. Excellent micropore processing, less processing burrs, and very stable and stable antistatic index.
3. To maintain the original color of PPS, at the same time can customize a variety of colors, still maintain a stable and durable anti-static index.

?Sufoner? PPS Standard Sizes, Colors, Grades, Brands, Types
Sufoner® PPS Size
Name Thickness(mm) Width × length (mm)
PPS5300 Sheet
PPS5800ESD Sheet
1mm to 5mm 150mm x 210mm
PPS Sheet 5mm to 40mm 600mmx1200mm
1250mm x1000mm
PPS5300 Rod 1mm to 5 mm 300mm
PPS Rod 6mm to 100mm 1000mm
Name: polyphenylene sulfide
Types: Rods,Sheets,Profiles

Grades include: 
● Sufoner® PPS unfilled
● Sufoner® PPS+GF 
● Sufoner® PPS+ Graphite 
● Sufoner®  PPS 5800ESD
● Sufoner® PPS5300 

  • ● Effectively improve the inherent brittleness, high purity and good flame retardancy of PPS
    ● Good rigidity and rigidity
    ● Excellent wear resistance
    ●  Good dimensional stability
    ● High dielectric strength
    ●  Low moisture absorption, good heat dissipation and low thermal expansion
    ● Excellent chemical resistance and radiation resistance
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