Material Introduction
Ketonolic® ESD FR4 Sheet

?Ketonolic? ESD FR4 Sheet Standard Sizes, Colors, Grades, Brands, Types

Name ESD FR4 Sheet

 Color Include:-- black
Type::  Sheets 

Materials Grade 
1. Single side Antistatic FR4 Sheet, Model: ESD FR4-S, one side with black antistatic, one side with light green insulation. Inside is light green.
2. Dingle sides Antistatic FR4 Sheet, Model: ESD FR4-D, Both  two sides surface with black antistatic, one side with light green insulation, Inside is light green.
3. Overall Antistatic FR4 Sheet, Model: ESD FR4-C, color is black, and provide overall stable resistivity value at each point. 


ESD FR4 Sheet

Thickness (mm) Width × Length (mm)



I. ESD FR4 Sheet Description

Ketonolic® ESD FR4 Sheet is a kind of antistatic materials which is added anti-static agents in the production of FR4 sheet, and effect FR4 to achieve the best antistatic performance. Substrate is an epoxy resin and fiberglass cloth. Whether surface ESD or overall FR4 sheet, Ketonolic® ESD FR4 sheet provides a uniform anti-static value.


II. ESD FR4 Sheet Characteristics 

1. Extremely stable anti-static properties,
2. Good mechanical strength,
3. Good anti-static properties, Good intermediate electrical insulation, non-conductive
4. Resistance to organic solvents
5. Working temperature up to 170
6. Good flame-retardant properties


III. ESD FR4 Sheet  Applications

1. Mobile phone test fixture, SMT technology countertops, PCB drilling
2. The semiconductor test fixture, semiconductor crystal manufacturing equipment parts,
3. The wafer processing jig, sensitive electronic components, the hard disk drive means,
4. The printed circuit boards, high-precision automated fixtures

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